We received our letter from the IRS approving our status for 501c3 non-profit! This is a huge step. Now we can apply for the One Roof Foundation’s Kraken Unity Fund.

This status opens up so many new doors for us, and gets us a critical step forward to a crucial part of our solution: our own vehicle! Renting a customized vehicle has proven to not only be expensive, but a bit of a nightmnare if anything goes wrong, so in order to be able to count on reliable transportation, we really need to have our own.

To make that happen, we will need much more funding. This new status makes it much more likely that we can get corporate donations as well as grants from foundations.

But this doesn’t mean the efforts of the individuals out there aren’t still critical. We’ve done everything we have through individual donations, and that isn’t going to change. What will is the fact that you will be able to deduct the donation on your income tax! Also, many corporations offer to match donations to charities. If yours is one of those (ask your HR department if you aren’t sure), contact us at donate@kriskrew.com for details.

Finally, if you are willing, it would mean so much to us if you could take the time to nominate Kris for the “Hero of the Deep” award, which is awarded at every Kraken home game, and comes with a $32,000 donation to Kris’ Krew. Here’s the link: https://seattlekraken.formstack.com/forms/kraken_unity_fund_nomination_form

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