Hear from some of the many people we have helped get to events. If you’re one of them, please consider leaving a comment below with your own. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Katherine Bursett

    A big thank you to everyone at KrisKrew for making a dream come true! I am confined to a wheelchair and this wonderful organization made it possible for me to go to a KRAKEN game. Everything was arranged for me and I had outstanding seats and I didn’t have to do anything but show up! It is an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life! KrisKrew is an outstanding organization with great people!!! Again, THANK YOU!

  2. Lute Chell

    We are passionate for helping everyone see a Kraken game in Seattle. Thank you to all the donors supporting our mission.
    – Lute

  3. Blair Murphy

    makes disabled adults /kids dreams come true at Hockey🏒

    The regular season has ended. But before the playoffs start I thought I’d give a FLASHBACK on a special donation that my family and I received. Being a US Army (101st Airborne Division) Disabled Amputee Veteran I obviously live on a fixed income and can’t afford to go to to many games. Let alone afford to take my Wife and kids.
    For KRIS KREW (503c Non-Profit/Disabled Veterans Organization) putting me into contact with TOMMY MALY of ACADEMY MORTGAGE CORPORATION, #academymortgage , Based in Seattle. Mr. Maly donated 8 tickets to Military Appreciation Night and I was able to take my entire family. It was my Wife’s, daughter’s and granddaughter’s first hockey game. The entire family had a blast. I got asked by a TV News Correspondent numerous times to do a live interview but I kept declining because of my stage fright. lol 😂 My kids won and talked me into it. I did an interview after the 1st Intermission. Soon after that my middle daughter walking in the corridor high-fives Fuego and almost knocked him over! lol 😂 We as a family had so much fun together that evening. Where our seats were located, we were even cheering 📣 on the Arena’s Ice 🧊 Crew and Zamboni drivers between breaks and periods with other diehard fans. We again had a Blast 💥 that my younger kids didn’t even realize that the Coachella Valley Firebirds lost 😢 the game. I must admit it was funny to see my wife cheering 📣 as the players were checking each other and their faces would be smashed against the plexiglass! Sweetness!!! God I Love Hockey 🏒 and my Wife but not in that order! lol 😂
    I cannot put into words how much we truly appreciated the donation to our family. It will go down in the memory books 📖!!!
    Thanks Mr. Maly!!!

    Go Firebirds 🔥 in search for their first CALDER CUP 🏆!!!


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