Big Plans: The Krewser!

Okay, now envision that with Seattle sports logos and the Kris’ Krew logo, bringing disabled vets and others in the ADA community to events across the Seattle area.

Now imagine that same thing, but in other cities around the North America. Got that picture in your head? Now you are starting to think like we’ve been for the past year!

But it has to start somewhere. We need the funds to get our first Krewser, customize it and keep it going. Even a used paratransit bus costs over $30,000, and that’s just the beginning of the costs.

Now that we are a 501c3 charitable organization (WE ARE LEGIT KREW), we are hoping the donations can really start to roll in.

If you want to make an individual donation, great! Head over to our Donate page for all the different ways you can donate. If you know of a foundation that might be interested in our work, or a corporation that might want to sponsor us, let us know at and/or send them here to this site to learn more about us.