An open letter to Mr. Tod Leiweke, President and CEO of The Seattle Kraken.

Hello, Mr. Leiweke, my name is Kris Boudreau. I am a disabled Gulf War Veteran. I’m in a power wheelchair living with Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years, and I’ve been a hockey fan all my life growing up in Vermont in the 80s.

Download QR code: 500×500 (web/phone)

I live at Retsil veteran’s home in Port Orchard, and I am friends with Ryan Tansy. We are in the process of creating a nonprofit 501c3, named Kris’ Krew. We will, first and foremost, assist disabled veteran fans to get to Kraken games, but also plan to be evn more inclusive and get fans to the games who are in wheelchairs, autistic children so they can use the sensory room, hearing and vision impaired fans along with others who are accessibility challenged outside of Seattle city limits. We are focusing our efforts there because within the city limits, it’s easier to get to and from a game as Uber and Yellow Cab have wheelchair vans. Our vision is to provide safe ADA transportation because that is the hardest part of getting anywhere when you’re disabled.
For instance, traveling from Port Orchard I have to pay over 200 dollars each way to ride in an uncomfortable van to come to Climate Pledge Arena. And they’re not even that dependable; I’ve experienced first-hand being deserted by these services, being forced to call an ambulance just to get me home. We plan to provide a much more dependable service that ensures fans not only get to Kraken games, but also get safely home.

You’ve done a wonderful job making Climate Pledge Arena a fun and safe place to be for ADA fans; we want to help getting them to the building and in the door.

Above is our QR Code that is connected to our website along with all of our social media links that we have going right now. We also have a gofundme campaign until we have a direct link to our non-profit bank account.

So I was hoping there is somewhere you could post the QR Code on the Kraken app and website with a short description of what our vision is, to bring more awareness to the fans so you can fill more seats and get more disabled fans to games. My goal is to do this nationwide but Seattle is the model city and I’m very excited and driven to get this off the ground. Could you also forward this to the One Roof Foundation?

Thank you for your time.

Kris Boudreau